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Financial Services for Businesses

There is more to the financial side of business than revenue and expenses. We help you with the rest. Make us part of your family of trusted advisors so we can help your business thrive and survive.

Tax planning is often more important for business than for individuals. We can help you integrate tax planning and accounting.

Business Retirement Plans are important means for owners to save and defer taxes, can help retain employees, and offer employees a way to save for retirement. There are a variety of plans available: some designed to minimize paper work, some to maximize investment options, some to benefit older employees over younger, some to maximize the amount that can be set aside annually, some to benefit owners and key employees. We can recommend, setup, and manage the plan that best fits your goals.

The business is normally an owner(s) biggest asset. When you retire or choose to move on, the value you and your family receive for that asset is determined by your Business Succession or Exit strategy. We help you plan for that event so you can maximize the value of the business you worked to develop and so the business is positioned to continue when you are gone. Some of the techniques that can help are business successor insurance, tax planning for leaving the business, structuring the financials to attract potential buyers, or setting up a financial package that allows a key employee to carry the business forward.

Management of business resources is a potential source of additional profit. Whether you need a short term investment vehicle to earn interest, a longer term investment program to manage funds you are accumulating for future business expansion, we can offer the best solution.